• About Us

    Welcome to our small family business, where we delve into the mysterious
    realms of the Gothic and Victorian eras, inspired by the works of
    horror and suspense writers of that time. My husband and I grew up
    captivated by the eerie, supernatural, and the dark beauty of those
    periods . Fuelled by our love for their elegance as well as the
    horror and the macabre, we recognized a need for our products that
    would embrace these evocative themes. With a blend of passion and
    creativity, we have set out to bring these unique gifts to people
    locally and online. Join us on this thrilling journey as we unveil a
    collection that resonates with the mystique and enchantment of the
    those ages, offering you a touch of Victorian Elegance
    and Gothic Glamour.

  • We Support NAMI

    For every $10 spent, we will donate $1 to NAMI.

    Our business is committed to supporting NAMI, the National Alliance On Mental Illness, due to the personal experiences that have deeply affected us. We have endured the heartbreaking loss of a family member to mental illness, and we have witnessed the daily struggles faced by our loved ones. These experiences have underscored the importance of addressing mental health issues and advocating for change. By supporting NAMI, we aim to raise awareness, eliminate the stigma surrounding mental illness, and promote improved access to vital mental health services and resources. Our goal is to make a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals and families affected by mental health challenges.